Appreciated by companies from very different backgrounds, by independent workers and larger structures, coworking offers a range of significant advantages. Renting a collaborative workspace is an inexpensive solution compared to renting offices for the year. In addition, it is possible to choose an office space according to your workforce: it is a guarantee of flexibility. Also, the simple fact of changing the workplace offers multiple benefits on productivity and comfort. Coworkers can bond with each other, exchange ideas and contribute positive energy, ideal for increasing creativity.

The promotion of your company and its image

If coworking contributes to enhancing the image of your company, it is because it positions it as a structure that ensures the well-being of its employees. Indeed, well-being at work is a very topical subject, taken seriously by health organizations.

By offering employees a way of working based on sharing, communication and which makes it possible to break loneliness, your company is committed to people and quality relationships in the company.

But it is also a way to make yourself visible: it is you who welcome professionals to your space. This is a way to boost your communication, whether through your visibility or even the event dimension (conferences, etc.) provided by an open and shared space such as yours.

Human openness for your employees

Coworking is a way of approaching work differently and moving from individual offices to an open space. Thanks to an ideal professional cohabitation, employees or entrepreneurs who use this way of working, can exchange and share tips between coworkers, get out of isolation, but also collect advice or feedback.

It is often a real professional network that is set up thanks to coworking, just as it contributes to the development of essential human qualities in a company: listening, empathy, openness and sociability.

You join a collaborative community

When you join a coworking center, you become part of a community. You are an integral part of a group of people who are passionate about their work and their sector of activity. In addition, coworking opens the doors to an important network whether it is to work together on a project, to find new clients, or to help each other by sharing each other’s experiences.

Shared space – Pooling of costs

The entrepreneur who wants to take a shared office for his activity does so mainly for economic reasons. Indeed, coworking platforms are there to facilitate the establishment of young companies by sharing expenses.

If a collaborative workspace allows the entrepreneur to have a physical place where to work serenely, it especially allows him to have this space at a lower cost than if it were a solitary office. In the price of an office rental, the coworking space offers you a private or collective office, but also takes care of electricity, water, internet connection.

Important services offered

In addition to a workspace, flexible offices often offer access to many services such as meeting rooms, spaces adapted to receive potential clients or associates and often include an equipped and functional kitchen to be able to organize your meeting. working day without having to go out to eat.

The operators of coworking spaces also offer certain activities such as dance and sports lessons, in order to allow coworkers to remain dynamic.

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